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AddOn: “Tour Guide” is awesome!

March 5th, 2009 Comments off

Okay for those that don’t know, I am not just a tank, I started out as a rogue a long time ago when I defected from my horde warrior to the alliance.  I am currently in the process of getting him up to 80.  I also have a DK, a pink haired gnome, I am working on since the Paladin may become a healer with the departure of one of our DK tanks.

Anyway on to the mod, this week is tour guide.  Since I leveled one character the old fashioned way I just want to go fast now.  A couple of fellow guildies, Anaheim, Dethkrusher, and Ullwin, recommended I give Tour Guide a shot, and I did.  Tour guide is simple and easy to use.  It is a power leveling tool.  It only works well when you are just starting a zone.  If you are in the middle of a zone and do not know where you started it is not as effective.  FYI, I started in Borean Tundra on the rogue, then went to Howling Fijord all without Tour Guide, so it was really hard to get a starting point.  However when I was ready to start Dragonblight, I loaded up that zone’s guide and have been following ever since.  It tries to give you the fastest optimum path to level your toon.  It tracks quests, hearthstone, and way points.  When used in conjunction with LightHeaded and TomTom you become an unstoppable leveling force.  In about 3 hours last night I was able to do approximately 60% of Dragonblight.  And almost 100% of a level (75->76).   One thing it seems to avoid is difficult group quests, which is nice.  It will also add to the top of a quest a “not in the guide” warning if it is not in the tracking scheme.  These then to be group quests or instances.  So you might want to pick these up as you go on, and track them yourself.  The mods tool tip tries to tell you where to go to complete the mission and or quickest path to get there.  For instance, it had me go to Fordragon Hold well before I needed to for a few reasons, first being it was the closest flight path and it will optimize getting back there later.  When a quest has a special item, it adds a quick hit button next to the tracker window, so you can just hit that to activate, use, or find the required device to finish the quest.

Basically, if you are on task and follow the guide closely, only straying on those group quests, you will find this an amazingly effective tool to help your power leveling.  If this is your first time through Northrend, I do not recommend it, enjoy the content, don’t just fly through it.  If this is your second, third, forth, etc time through, you may find this and incredibly effective tool.

Real quick, TomTom puts and arrow on the screen so you know what direction to go when tour guide gives you your next location.  It also puts pinpoints on the map for you, along with quest arrows tooltips on the mini-map.  If you are not running a coordinate mod, it has that too.

LightHeaded is a mod that parses all the help from WowHead into the mod for quests.  This adds an extra panel to you QuestTracker that will allow you to research information.  This helps when Tour Guide lacks information or you hit a snag killing somehing, ot finding something.

Below are the links to the descriptions and the actual direct download.




My list of AddOns can be found here.  I will post screen shots of my setup later.  If you have any questions or would like me to feature one of the mods I use, let me know.  I am always willing to help.

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