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PTR Experience Day 1

February 25th, 2009 Comments off

I finally got my character copied and logged in, only to crash after walking about 20 feet. This happened every time I logged in. I slowly made it to the Alliance portals and make it back to my safe haven, Stormwind. This entire process took about 20-25 minutes. Once in Stormwind, I ran right for the Paladin trainer. I looked to see if there were new spells there, there were not since I was already spec’d with Blessing of King and therefore did not need to learn a new spell. I then tried Dual Spec. This was very easy to do, Click on the dialogue, then hand over your 1000 Gold, and bam! I know have two tabs on the top right hand corner of my spec. I did my tank spec, then clicked on the second tab, hit the “Activate this Spec” button and spec’d out holy.
You can activate the spec t anytime through what appears to look like a channeled spell.

I did not have a chance to play with various bars or equipment configurations, perhaps tonight.

More to come!

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