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AddOn: TidyPlates

July 15th, 2009 Comments off

This is my new “cannot live with out” mod.  TidyPlates is a simple mod that replaces the stock blizzard name plates with ones the reflect threat/cast bar/health.  This is when you hit the ‘v’ key for enemy nameplates under the default key bindings.  This mod is a drop in and play mod.  It supports themes, so you can customize it to look how you want.  Granted this does take a little bit of work, however there are about a half dozen or so themes already made.  Some worthless for show and others that are greatly useful.

Here is TidyPlates at a glance with the knurl theme.

I found the need for this mod while tanking, primariy the arena portion of Thorim.  With all the mobs jumping down and aggro’ing on the healers I sometimes lost track of a few.  Now with a glance I can round up the loose mobs with little or no difficulty.  Red means I have aggro, yellow means I am building threat, green means I have no threat.  It is just that simple, most of these states are reflected above.

The mod can be found here: TidyPlates

The theme I prefer and pictured here: Knurl for TidyPlates

Additional Themes: Themes for TidyPlates

The author is danltiger

There are more complex nameplate addons out there, like aloft, however those take up a lot of memory and could use a degree to configure all the options.  This one is simple, does the job, and part of my must have tanking mods.

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