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Crusaders’ Coliseum: Trial of the Crusader

September 25th, 2009 Comments off

32-CotCI know I have been slow to post here lately, that is mainly due to the fact we have done nothing to post about.  We are hitting the end of the summer slump I think and starting to look back at the goal of finishing off current content.  Last night after a bit of guild drama, for another time and perhaps another place, we went back to the Coliseum.

First up, obviously, was the Northrend Beast collection.  These had been one shot.  These used to cause use fits in previous attempts, however last night seemed trivial.  Gormok the Impaler went down fast.  People were quick to move and handle the snobolds.  One thing we do slightly different that I have not seen written up is we have our melee take care of all snobolds.   This allows the ranged to focus squarely on DPSing the boss.  If a snobold lands on a tank for any reason, we clean those up while waiting for Acidmaw & Dreadscale.  We handle the implae by swapping on the third stack.  We also try to use out bubble early to clear the debuff, we also combine it with Divine Sacrifice.  The absorption of that damage is a nice way to help the healers out.  That is it, one of the few closest to a tank’n’spank in modern memory.

Acidmaw & Dreadscale use to be our major issue, however a few changes made them trivial.  We make sure we always focus them away from the center.  That is where all range group up.  I leave one DPS assigned to always being on the mobile worm.  All other DPS goes to Acidmaw, since his Paralytic Bite can be the most brutal if killed last.  We would have one tank be dedicated to being the mobile tank.  He is responsible for the mobile worm.  Does not matter which one it is.  This tank will get the debuff from the worm he is tanking.  So he is responsible for getting Burning Bile to those infected by Paralytic Poison.  He is also responsible to call out when tanking Acidmaw that he is infect by the poison.  Then the one person infected by the Bile in the raid can get to the tank so he can continue to tank.  We managed to get Acidmaw down after two burrows.  So that made the healers job a whole lot easier.  Then we just tanked swapped as we could using our Divine Protection.  Since he does have a damage increase since his buddy was killed.

Icehowl is last on the list and the easiest as long as people pay attention.  You tank him in the middle and the raid then spreads out around in a circle.  That way when he casts Arctic Breath, the number of people affected is to a minimum.  If you are a human, Every Man for Himself will get you out of the block, PvP trinkets work as well, however the DPS loss for the trinket change over is not worth it.  He will occasionally cast Massive Crash.  This is signified by him jumping to the center of the area and everyone being pinned to the wall.   This is also reason for spreading out at the beginning.  He will then focus on one person and charge them.  You will see “Icehowl glares at <name> and lets out a bellowing roar!” this person is the one being charged.  If you are looking at his butt or sides during this announcement, just start running towards him.  If you can see him head on, run away from his closet shoulder.  Example: <- O(  )O -> the O represent the shoulder, if you are the one being focused on, just pick a side and run.  The key is to avoid him from hitting anyone.  If he does hit someone, he will enrage, a hunter with Tranq Shot immediately, this will remove the enrage and greatly reduce the risk of him wiping the raid.  If he does not hit someone he is stuck on the wall for a few seconds, dazed, during which he takes extra damage.  That is it, just keep up the rotations and finish him off.

This is a fun fight with three phases, plus sub-phases.  Each has a different mechanic and does not allow much room to slack.  Everyone has a specific task to follow and are responsible for themselves at many moments.  It requires a team effort, coupled with individual effort to be successful.

Enjoy the loot and get ready for Lord Jaraxxus.   This update will be coming up shortly.

Orbital What? – 2 Tower Flame Leviathan

July 31st, 2009 Comments off

So as anyone knows, we have been tackling Ulduar rather consistently (barring the last few weeks, damn you summer bbqs!) since we could get in there.  Last night we decided to try and tackle a hard mode on Flame Leviathan.  We knew 4 towers up would be terribly difficult, especially considering we were starting it out by 8 manning it.  So we went and killed Freya’s tower, finished off the gauntlet and tried it with tree towers up.  After a handful of wipes, we decided, since we were shorthanded, to go destroy Hodir’s tower and just tackle it with 2 up instead.  Shortly after destroying Hodir’s tower our 9th per raider logged on, we did two attempts with little success, 52% and 38%.  The nice part was our 10th had finally logged on.  With everyone in, we tried again, got him to 8%, when I noticed something I would like to address in another post about being a raid leader, someone drastically out of position all the time.  It amazed me at how many times we had been in there, how many people were still missing the strategy.  This may have been my fault, I asked if so and so had driven the vehicles before and I got a yes, I didn’t ask had you done it under our strategy yet?  Anyway, after a short break and a clearing up of the strategy, we went and tackled him again.  We lost the two cycles, but did manage to kill him.  We received the following achievements for doing so Orbital Devastation and Orbital Bombardment.  We also received a Runed Orb and the Pattern: Lightning Grounded Boots, all of which were nice surprises.

2 Tower Strategy –

We destroyed Freya’s tower(Tower of Nature) and Hodir’s tower (Tower of Frost).  This left Thorim’s tower (Tower of Storms) and Mimron’s tower (Tower of Flames up).  We used our similar strategy as here.  Now instead of just Flame Leviathan (FL), we have two varied color beams of light and come down,  one white and one red.

The red one, mimron’s,  leaves little flame cones in a diamond shamed pattern around the map, that then turn into a wall of flames.  These do SIGNIFICANT damage and should be avoided at all costs.  This does make for some adjustments needing to be made on those being perused.  We used vent for people to call out where the cones were and how to avoid them as best we could.  The tower also buffs FL’s flame damage by 50%, so make sure those flame vents are being interrupted.

The white one, thorim’s, does an AoE pulse of damage that will hit everyone, the closer you are to the beams, the more damage you take.  This only happens twice and it is at the very begining of the fight.  If you are not under the the beams you should take about 40% damage.  This is just designed to normalize health, making it even harder.  The tower also increases FL’s physical damage, so be sure to avoid those battering rams.

One caveat we do to the main strategy is we only launch one caster up there.  With another in reserve as needed.  The flame walls are very odd, you have to watch for what looks like a fog of flames.  That is what does the majority of damage, so avoid that.

That about does it, good luck and good hunting, next time we go for three, then for four!

Halfway through!

June 3rd, 2009 Comments off

This week we did a great job, added two more bodies to the  pile.  We tried a few times on the Assembly, then figure out a trick, of which I will share with you in a bit.  After smacking around their 3 mugs, we moved on to the crazy cat lady, Auriaya.  With these kills we finished The Antechamber of Ulduar achievement.


Assembly of Iron: Lady Maye’s Sapphire Ring and Greaves of Iron Intensity

Auriaya: Nimble Climber’s Belt and Elemental Focus Stone

Group makeup: 2 x Paladin Tanks, 1 x Paladin Healer, 1 x Resto Druid, 1 x Holy Priest, 1 x MM Hunter, 1 x Survival Hunter, 1 x Boomkin, 1 x Combat Rogue, 1 x Ret Paladin


Assembly of Iron:

The main tank would go in and grab Steelbreaker and bring him back to the entrance of the room.  The OT would pick up Runemaster Molgeim and bring him to the left side of the room from the entrance.  We have a rogue tank Stormcaller Brundir and bring him to as far back of the room as he can.  The rogue would use interupts to make Brundir mobile.  All DPS would focus on Steelbreaker.  The tanks would move their respective bosses off of the Rune of Power if one spawned below their boss.  If DPS could take advantage of the run, they would move to it and continue to DPS Steelbreaker.  We had a Holy Paladin heal the MT and he would Cleanse the Fusion Punch debuff whenever it was applied.  The resto druid took care of the OT on Runemaster and raid healing.  The Priest took care of the Rogue and raid healing.  The priest also dispelled Runic Barrier from Runemaster.  Once Steelbreaker was down, all DPS focused on Runemaster, the Tank on Steelbreaker went to help the rogue with interupts on Stormcaller.  Each of the left over bosses now gain a new ability.  All people need to be aware of Rune of Death that Runemaster lays down.  This is a big green rune that causes lots of damage, so as we all have learned, get out of the stuff on the ground.  Stormcaller gains Lightning Whirl, which is why we added the second person to help with the interupts.  This will hopefully keep all interuptable spells interupted.  Once Runemaster is down, everyone moved onto Stormcaller.  All spells were interupted on a set rotation.  This always allowed them to be interupted.  One thing not mentioned was Stormcaller’s Overload, he will continue to cast this the entire fight.  You have to make sure you are running out of it once he starts casting it.  With two members down, Stormcaller gains a new ability called Lightning Tendrils.  When he casts this everyone needs to spread out.  He will target and chase one person.  Target of Target windows help here.  He may change targets through out the tendril phase, everyone has to be aware of who is targeted and the direction he is being kited.  This will help reduce the raid damage.  Once he lands from the tendrils, it is just lather, rinse, repeat.  Hard mode is saving Steelbreaker for last and medium is savinf Runemaster for last.


This fight is dependant upon the pull.  If you can get the pull down, the fight is very straight forward.  We had the OT use his Divine Protection then use his Avenger’s Shield and hand-rockets when he pulled the Sanctum Sentries.  This helped survivability from the Savage Pounce.  He would posistion himself around the corner with the rest of the raid.  We would single target take down the Sanctum Sentry with a priority system.  The MT would single target taunt Auriaya and then turn her so she is facing the raid.  This is due to the Sonic Screech.  This damage needs to be split amoungst the raid.  Once the the  sentries are down, it is just focus DPS on the Auriaya.  About 40 seconds into the fight, the boss brings an add named a Feral Defender.  We just ignored it, we raid healed through it.  She would occastionally summon Swarming Guardians.  We handled these with AoE damage.  They have a small health pool and do little damage.  We did have the priest Fear Ward himself, this is because Auriaya would cast Terrifying Screech.  The priest would then Mass Dispel, hopefully getting most of the raid out of the fear.  We would save racial abilities and trinkets for the next fear.  This is basically the fight, she can cast Sentinel Blast, which should try to be interupted as often as possible.  Shadow Prtection does help, either via a aura or the priest spell.  The one last note is on the Feral Defender.  It will  more then likely die from the AoE used to take down the swarms.  So keep an eye on its percentage, at about 10% the raid should start moving.  When it dies it drops Seeping Feral Essence, which did kill the OT.  We used a druid battle res to get him back up.  This dead defender will res again after 10-15 seconds so it is advised that you move to another platform, breaking line of sight with the void zone to avoid the Feral Pounce.  We only saw the defender die once in our try.  We did have two shots at this boss.  The OT had to get the timing down on the pull.  Once we had the timing down, it went rather easily.

Also a not on the trash before her.  We only had to do one pull to open the raid up to her.  We did this by having a dedicated healer to each tank.  We then tanked our respective targets on each of the platforms where the stairs from Kologarn  is.  This gave the static buff ball enough travel time to down it.  We swtiched targets with ~16% health left.  The damge the tank did brough it down to ~5%.  Once both bosses with close to the same health pool, we borugh them together and AoE’d them down.  This help eliminate the damage/speed buff they get when one of them dies before the other.

Strike that: Make it five!

May 27th, 2009 Comments off

In one lock out period, we managed to really move along in Ulduar.   We took advantage of the holiday weekend and managed to take down Ignis.  We even manged to get Shattered and finished off The Siege of Ulduar.

Loot was Gauntlets of the Iron Furnace and Drape of Fuming Anger.  For those who noticed, I got the hand pieces.

To get off a side note, I had a good weekend worth of gear upgrades: Valorous Redemption Shouldergaurds and Kyzoc’s Ground Stompers.

Group makeup: 2 x Paladin Tanks, 1 x Paladin Healer, 1 x Resto Druid, 1 x Holy Priest, 1 x MM Hunter, 1 x Boomkin, 1 x Unholy DK (DPS), 1 x Frost Mage, 1 x Demon Lock

Notes on the kill:  We had a Ret Paladin leave, replaced with the Lock, also had a rogue switch to a mage.  We had a strategy which required two Iron Constructs be downed quickly, Flame Jets were causing issues, having the 3 casters really helped a lot.

We had done plenty of attempts, using a various set of internet strategies.  We finally settled on one that worked for us.


Tank pulled  and then tanked in the water.  All DPS wailed on Ignis as hard as they could.  Our OT and Paladin Healer stood in the back and tanked the spawning Iron Constructs. Right after or right before the second construct spawned.  The tank came out of the water and got Ignis to drop his Scorch opposite of the DPS.  The OT Healer moved into the water and the OT brought the constructs into the Scorch.  Once they were Molten, we hoped they would aggo on to the Paladin Healer, if not, the OT picked them up.  Once they were Brittle, the 3 ranged DPS casters tried to Shatter the constructs as soon as the Construct wranglers were cleaer.  While that is going on the MT moves Ignis to the opposite side of the scorch and faces him away from the DPS.  He strafes out of subsequent scorches.  Once the ranged casters say it is clear the MT moves back to the water and starts the process all over again.  This took 3 passes before we downed him.  With this method we killed him on the second try.

Healers must heal everyone in the Slag Pot. We needed three healers, one dedicated to the OT.  A third was in case of a poor slag pot luck.  Good communication was needed between the MT, OT , and Construct killers.   With this set up the OT could handle three Constructs, however the Shatter could fail due to Flame Jets timing,  leaving up an extra construct.  When Flame Jets is cast, casters with non-instant spells need to be aware, otherwise they will be locked out of that school for 4-8 seconds.

If you have any questions or need a clearer explanation, please let me know.  I hope to record our encouter this week and add it to this.

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And we are at four

May 22nd, 2009 Comments off

We progressed last night.  Moved on to Kologarn and Razorscale.  Bringing us to a total of four bosses in Ulduar.


Flame Leviathan: Flamewatch Armgaurds, Combustion Bracers

XT-002: Treacherous Shoulderpads, Plasma Foil

Kologarn: Sabatons of the Iron Watcher, Stoneguard

Razorscale: Bracers of the Smothering Inferno, Eye of the Broodmother

Our Stratagies:

Group makeup for both kills: DPS: Rogue, Ret Paladin, 2xHunters, Boomkin.  Healers: Holy Priest, Holy Paladin, Resto Druid.  Tanks: 2xProt Paladin.


Well the nerf helped us greatly here.  Before the nerf we had a problem where the off-tank would get eye-beamed while picking up the rubble, while the main tank had 2 stacks of Crunch Armor.  This caused for many an issue with our best attempt at approximately 40% health.  Then an unfortunate string of events would occur.  With the patch, the duration of the debuff had been significantly reduced.  This made the encounter much easier on the tanks.  We were not as frantic getting from all of the rubble, while juggling crunch armors and dealing with the rubbles, while trying to avoid Petrifying Breath.  We went with the common strategy with a twist.  All melee stacked up near the main tank, targeting the right arm.  The main tank and off tank focused on the body.  Both of us are Paladins, so the majority of our attacks are AoE and hit all three targets.  We would torch the arm, at approximately 10% on the right arm, the off-tank would go where the rubble would spawn.  We would AoE the rubble, then come back and focus on the body.  The main tank would never leave the body.  All of the ranged were stacked and spread out in front of of Kologarn in the middle of the room.  Leaving plenty of  room to kite the Focused Eyebeams.  If someone, including melee, was targeted with the eye beams, they would bolt for the side walls, then kite them around the back of the room.  We kept an eye on the left arm, when it got to 20% or so, we hammered it down if the right arm was up.  We just repeated this process.  It took 4 tries, mainly some juggling of eye beams and rubble.  The main tank did use one of the three survivability buttons to help healers during the crunch armor.  The tank has Repelling Charge, Valor Medal of the First War, and Divine Protection as survivability cool downs.  These were not needed, however they do help during a crunch armor when a healer is Stone Griped.   We know it was after a nerf, although it still made us extremely happy.  We only carry two tanks on our raids, so we are limited to the options prior to that.  With three, this fight would have been cake.


This was only our second attempt at her.  The first try after we downed Flame Leviathan, we tried 4 or 5 times with no success.  There was a better understanding for the fight.  We went in last night and one-shot her.  The strategy was simple, we split into 2 groups.  Each group had a hunter and a prot paladin.  We then split DPS and had the boomkin cover both sides.  Healers tried staying toward the center to cover both sides.  We stacked in these two groups on the back on the ledge, with DPS/Tank combo stacked on each side.  We had a hunter start the fight and run back to position.  The thanks then would try to grab the mobs as the spawned.  There were DPS’d down nice and quick.  Kill order was Dark Rune Watchers, then Dark Rune Guardians.  With the exception when Dark Rune Sentinels spawned, a tank would pick him up and all ranged DPS would down him ASAP.  Then switch back to the regular adds.  Part of the key here is the Dwarfs you are helping will tank a few of the adds if you cannot pick them all of.  Once the second harpoon was ready a hunter would run up and shoot Razorscale out of the sky.  All DPS would switch to Razorscale and hit her hard and fast.  The tanks and healers would stay in the back finishing up the adds.  If the adds were finished off the tanks would go in and assist in the DPS.  We repeated this 3 times until 50% then she was grounded permanently.  During this phase we tried to move constantly to avoid Devouring Flame.  At which point both tanks got in front of her and started kiting her around the circle.  We taunted every two stacks of Fuse Armor.  Just to be on the safe side.  After a bit she was dead.  We did lose the Boomkin, luckily our Tree was fast and got a battle rez in and we were able to finish her off.
It was a great progression night.  Two new bosses down.  Our raiding A-Team seems to have been reinvigorated by this.  We went and got beat up by Ignis for a few tries.  We are working out some ideas.  Right now the constructs seem to be our sticking point.  We may have the Ret Pally swap into his Prot Spec and set, then have a rotoation on the constructs to give them under control.  This fight seems more like a marathon then a sprint for our DPS at the moment.  We will try again on Sunday.  Wish us luck.  If anyone has some ideas, feel free to let me know.