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It’s for a great cause!

July 10th, 2009 Comments off

There are two charities I really truly believe in.  One is the Texas Children’s Hospital and the other is Child’s Play.  A fellow gamer out at Sarcastic Gamer has setup the second annual extralife charity run.  This is a fund raiser where you sponsor players to “run” their marathon for 24 hours.  It is a 24 hour gaming marathon.  I did it last year and made it almost 20 hours.  Last year they raised a total of $120,000.  I used WoW as a majority of my time, logging in almost 13 straight hours in game.   This marathon is about finding a cure for pediatric cancer.

The training has started again for this year.   I have 3 months before the marathon starts on October 17.  I will be posting my training routine.  I will be hoping some thing big will drop in-game at or around there and will give me the distraction I want and need.

You can read all about it on my page: and the offical page is

I am looking for a dollar an hour, so please sponsor what you can.

All this money goes directly to the Texas Children’s Hospital.

I encourage everyone who can to donate or sign-up and just do it as well!