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PTR 3.1.0 – Patch Notes

February 24th, 2009 Comments off

Awesome breakdown of the 3.1 PTR.  Lot of pictures, lots of breakdowns.  Has new talent builds, however they seem slightly broken right now.  Definately worth checking out, especially for the Ulduar pictures.

Source: PTR 3.1.0 – Patch Notes

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3.1 on PTR

February 24th, 2009 Comments off

Well 3.1 is up on the PTR.

Patch notes can be found here, courtesy of wowhead due to the fact Blizzards own notes are still stuck on 3.0.8.

Things look interesting, lots of neat new changes. A rundown of the things I am looking forward to.

  • Dual Specs – currently cost 1000 gold to set up the process
  • New Tanking Boots

    New Tanking Boots

    New Tank Belt

    New Tank Belt

Now these two pieces are not huge upgrades, but they are very nice, they add some of the much needed Def when you get into the higher tiers and the 2 sockets on the belt with the optional third from a BS makes me very happy.

I do however have to note my disappointment with Blizzard, they really dropped the ball on the PTR copy.  I ran my copy last week after many sites had stated they were open and past the erroneous opening of the copy.  So I ran my copy with two toons.  I just finished getting all updated and ready, sign on and…blank character list.  So I go back to the PTR page.  Two copies have been used and I am told I am unable to copy until the queue is not as full, try in 3 days.  Here I was thinking I was getting ahead of the curve, instead I am left out in the cold, waiting, watching, and living vicariously by others.  If my copies would have been reset, I might not be so put off with the issue, however since they took them and penalized me for it, I am a bit upset.  The problem I have stated seems to be fixed and copies are available again and my copy counter has been reset.

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