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More Dots!

October 1st, 2009 Comments off

onyxia-flameOnyxia – Is well…not the same, however this is as intended. Blizzard has said this is supposed to be a celebration of the game and offer up some loot. We went in there and 3 shot her. Many of the raid had never fought her prior to 70.   This, however was fun and Blizzard did a great job in balancing it out.  It did take a few tries.  The first time, the whelps overwhelmed us, the second time we had a 50 dkp minus moment when someone spawned a ton of extra whelps.  The last attempt we were successful.  It was fun, everyone avoided the deep breaths and we got some nice loot.  Our Druid OT/DPS won the head, after we had some discussion he gave it to me.  I was very pleased to get it.  I was able to replace my  Repelling Charm with Purified Onyxia Blood Talisman.  This was great because not only do I get some avoidance and keep my Def capped, but I get that ever so needed +15 fire resistance.  The +20 plus hps for free is nothing huge, just a nice little extra piece.

Every group should get in there and get the Brood Mother down.  It is fun, not to difficult and yields some wonderful gear.  We saw the following:  Coif of Ten Storms, Glinting Azuresong Mageblade, and Bloodfang Mask.  Of course the gem bag, 22 slot bag, and head.  I had also received the sword, being the only spell caster that could use it.  Last thing the 3xEmblem of Triumph is a wonderful way to expand that collection each week.

One downside, and I don’t know why this is, the head no longer appears outside Stormwind and all folks less then 70 no longer get the buff.  Which is OK, just a little sad.

So get down to Mudsprocket and take her down.

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