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Blizzard wants me to Quit

October 28th, 2009 Comments off

So the 3.3 patch notes popped out and Paladin’s got “nerf’d to the ground”, again.


The LoH nerf is pretty big.  It has been this way pretty much forever, but now they are changing it and I blame PvP.  I am tired of their e-sport watering down and changing the PvE landscape of this game.  It was built as a PvE game and evolved.  They need to make two games, PvE and PvP.  Then adjust abilities for those games.  These changes are big.  Some are massaging out changes from older patches, some are just down right nasty and out of the blue.  LoH is huge, so huge in fact that if it makes it to the live realms it might mean an auto quit and just wait till SWtOR.  I do not mean to sound like a QQ paladin, however when you make fundamental changes to a class ability they have had since the beginning, you are really starting to mess with play style.  As a Paladin Tank, I always know when to use my LoH.

If it is so bad for PvP, make it a talented point deep in Prot.  This will prevent it from being used in BG’s.  It will also allow tanks to keep that prevent raid wiping cool down.  Blizzard needs to decide what they want to do with this game and take in that direction.
In other news, I know I am against the majority when I say this, I like Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street.  I like his attitude, I like most of what he says.  He makes sense and understand the classes and direction they need.  He wants to make it balanced.  I see what they are trying to do and the need for the balance.  In relation to this he said the first thing I really took exception too.  With these changes, he said:

Dear OP, Bye. Hugs, GC.

This upset me for the reason of, here we are in 3.2 and they decide that that LoH is OP and decide to make the change.  Here we are approaching 3.3, a lot of retuning has been done since launch and now they look to re-tune it.  That is down right bad.  Well…

Dear GC, My money is yours no more. Adios, Judicar

Update:  And to those sites out there claiming this is not live on the PTR, check your facts download a client and see, that in fact, yes it is live on the PTR.

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