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Strike that: Make it five!

May 27th, 2009 Comments off

In one lock out period, we managed to really move along in Ulduar.   We took advantage of the holiday weekend and managed to take down Ignis.  We even manged to get Shattered and finished off The Siege of Ulduar.

Loot was Gauntlets of the Iron Furnace and Drape of Fuming Anger.  For those who noticed, I got the hand pieces.

To get off a side note, I had a good weekend worth of gear upgrades: Valorous Redemption Shouldergaurds and Kyzoc’s Ground Stompers.

Group makeup: 2 x Paladin Tanks, 1 x Paladin Healer, 1 x Resto Druid, 1 x Holy Priest, 1 x MM Hunter, 1 x Boomkin, 1 x Unholy DK (DPS), 1 x Frost Mage, 1 x Demon Lock

Notes on the kill:  We had a Ret Paladin leave, replaced with the Lock, also had a rogue switch to a mage.  We had a strategy which required two Iron Constructs be downed quickly, Flame Jets were causing issues, having the 3 casters really helped a lot.

We had done plenty of attempts, using a various set of internet strategies.  We finally settled on one that worked for us.


Tank pulled  and then tanked in the water.  All DPS wailed on Ignis as hard as they could.  Our OT and Paladin Healer stood in the back and tanked the spawning Iron Constructs. Right after or right before the second construct spawned.  The tank came out of the water and got Ignis to drop his Scorch opposite of the DPS.  The OT Healer moved into the water and the OT brought the constructs into the Scorch.  Once they were Molten, we hoped they would aggo on to the Paladin Healer, if not, the OT picked them up.  Once they were Brittle, the 3 ranged DPS casters tried to Shatter the constructs as soon as the Construct wranglers were cleaer.  While that is going on the MT moves Ignis to the opposite side of the scorch and faces him away from the DPS.  He strafes out of subsequent scorches.  Once the ranged casters say it is clear the MT moves back to the water and starts the process all over again.  This took 3 passes before we downed him.  With this method we killed him on the second try.

Healers must heal everyone in the Slag Pot. We needed three healers, one dedicated to the OT.  A third was in case of a poor slag pot luck.  Good communication was needed between the MT, OT , and Construct killers.   With this set up the OT could handle three Constructs, however the Shatter could fail due to Flame Jets timing,  leaving up an extra construct.  When Flame Jets is cast, casters with non-instant spells need to be aware, otherwise they will be locked out of that school for 4-8 seconds.

If you have any questions or need a clearer explanation, please let me know.  I hope to record our encouter this week and add it to this.

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