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Mountain Dew Battle-Bot Pet Details

June 12th, 2009 Comments off

Sorry I have been lagging behind lately.  We have down Hodir, as you can tell from my recent achievement.  This fight took us 11 tries over 2 nights.   It involves a little luck and some good movement.  Which, I guess is the theme of Ulduar.

Now on to the real reason you stopped by, the Mountain Dew Battle-Bot

Having just done this myself I can give you all the details concerning the Mountain Dew Battle-Bot. This is a free pet from the Mountain Dew promotion for their Game Fuel line of drinks.
First, click here.  This is the direct link to claim page.  It eliminates the need to load the cumbersome flash page.  If you are do not trust links to odd pages, go to, wait for the flash to load then click on the bot logo in the bottom right hand corner.  Either one of these will lead to step 2.

Second, sign in with you account.  If you do not have one, register using the link below the sign in.  This is where it gets a little tricky, if you have your WoW account linked with your account, you are done.  You have the bot, it will be waiting in your mail the next time you log out completely and back in.  If you do not have your account linked,  go to the home page of your account.  From there you might have two options or just one.  When I did it the other day I have to click “Add a Game”, then that gave me the option to merge my WoW account with my account.  However, I go there today to confirm for this writeup, and there is a “World of Warcraft Account” link at the top.   Just click on that link and follow the directions.

Things to note:

  • Your account is your new sign in to wow. (
  • Your password is your WoW password.
  • You cannot undo this process.  Once it is done, it is final.
  • This appears to be a way to get more people migrated to the authentication system.
  • And once you have your Battle-Bot, you can do this daily in-order to claim fuel for him.  Red or Blue.
  • You have to get your fuel out of the your mailbox the day you claim it or it will go away.
  • Blue fueled bots fight Red fueled bots, and likewise.
  • You receive this perk on every toon created at the time of claim. (You might get it on more, I have not created a new toon since starting this.)

Have fun, and remember, you can gang up on bots.  Same colors bots do not fight each other, only opposites.