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Battle.Net iPhone App back on the Store

September 30th, 2009 Comments off

IMG_0038The mobile authenticator update to 1.0.2 is back up on the iTunes App store.  The reports of people losing their Serial number upon update a few weeks ago prompted this being yanked.  I just ran the update and can confirm that it did keep my serial from prior to the upgrade.

Blizzard does note that prior to upgrading you should remove the authenticator from your account.  That way if your serial number does change, you can easily register the new one very easily without going through the well noted pain of that is Blizzard customer service, which is short of giving them a blood sample as to proof of ID.  Just listen to the Outlandish podcast from two weeks ago to hear about the annoyance of this .

As always: Caveat Emptor

And as a side note, everyone should have some form of authenticator on their account.  This will help fight against hacking, it also removes a main tool of the gold farmer.