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CC-DoneWell last night was a big night for the guild. We hit our first piece of raiding traction for the first time in a while. We went in and finished off Crusader Coliseum: Trial of the Crusader and got Call of the Crusade (10 player).  It started out a little shaky, however we made a few swaps and got it.  The two hardest fights for us were the Northrend Beasts and the Faction Champions.  That group just seems really random, however once you get those healers down , it becomes a cake walk.   I also never heard so many ears and eyes glaze over while explaining the Twin Val’kyr fight.  It just takes a while to get the caveats down for the two abilities.  We got them down on the second try.  It was a great effort to really clamp down and understand that mechanic.  We ended up 1 shotting Anub’arak.  It was a little hairy during phase 3.  We did get the big bug down.  This was a great boost to guld morale.  Especially we know we can get in there, gear up, and help us on the final two bosses in Ulduar.

In other news, 3.3 hit the PTR.  I have it installed and ready to go.  I am looking forward to getting in and getting that first 5 man and seeing what they have in store for us.  I also have some strategies that worked for us in Crusader Coliseum, I will pass those along this weekend.  Expect to see some news out of here in the coming days/hours since I have a lot to get out.

More Dots!

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onyxia-flameOnyxia – Is well…not the same, however this is as intended. Blizzard has said this is supposed to be a celebration of the game and offer up some loot. We went in there and 3 shot her. Many of the raid had never fought her prior to 70.   This, however was fun and Blizzard did a great job in balancing it out.  It did take a few tries.  The first time, the whelps overwhelmed us, the second time we had a 50 dkp minus moment when someone spawned a ton of extra whelps.  The last attempt we were successful.  It was fun, everyone avoided the deep breaths and we got some nice loot.  Our Druid OT/DPS won the head, after we had some discussion he gave it to me.  I was very pleased to get it.  I was able to replace my  Repelling Charm with Purified Onyxia Blood Talisman.  This was great because not only do I get some avoidance and keep my Def capped, but I get that ever so needed +15 fire resistance.  The +20 plus hps for free is nothing huge, just a nice little extra piece.

Every group should get in there and get the Brood Mother down.  It is fun, not to difficult and yields some wonderful gear.  We saw the following:  Coif of Ten Storms, Glinting Azuresong Mageblade, and Bloodfang Mask.  Of course the gem bag, 22 slot bag, and head.  I had also received the sword, being the only spell caster that could use it.  Last thing the 3xEmblem of Triumph is a wonderful way to expand that collection each week.

One downside, and I don’t know why this is, the head no longer appears outside Stormwind and all folks less then 70 no longer get the buff.  Which is OK, just a little sad.

So get down to Mudsprocket and take her down.

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Battle.Net iPhone App back on the Store

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IMG_0038The mobile authenticator update to 1.0.2 is back up on the iTunes App store.  The reports of people losing their Serial number upon update a few weeks ago prompted this being yanked.  I just ran the update and can confirm that it did keep my serial from prior to the upgrade.

Blizzard does note that prior to upgrading you should remove the authenticator from your account.  That way if your serial number does change, you can easily register the new one very easily without going through the well noted pain of that is Blizzard customer service, which is short of giving them a blood sample as to proof of ID.  Just listen to the Outlandish podcast from two weeks ago to hear about the annoyance of this .

As always: Caveat Emptor

And as a side note, everyone should have some form of authenticator on their account.  This will help fight against hacking, it also removes a main tool of the gold farmer.

StarWars the Old Republic

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Bioware has began recruiting testers for the new Old Republic MMO. I have been looking forward to this since the failure of the player experience update on SW: Galaxies. I have had my profile at SWTOR since it opened.  Well then finally now are recruiting Republic and Sith soldiers to fight the good fight.  I am jazzed and really excited about this.  I really love WoW, I think it has filled a good period of time, however I know and love the lore of the SW universe more then that of Azeroth.  This very announcement may be the beginning of the end for WoW.  Only time will tell.  I have high hopes that it works and fills all that I want out of an MMO.

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It’s coming up, so please donate!

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So it is coming up soon here.  It is under a month away and Oct 17th is coming up quick.  I have been doing lots of hard training and have picked a few of my titles for the marathon.  Yes WoW will be in there for a good chunk of the time.  I am looking at a good raid to take up a chunk and dedicate 3-4 hours to the noob priest.  Currently my list includes the following titles:

  • Brütal Legend
  • World of Warcraft
  • Halo: ODST
  • Uncharted 2
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
  • Shadow Complex (13% or less achievement)
  • NHL10
  • Madden 10 (Gonna school Dethkrusher a little)
  • Left 4 Dead
  • Fallout 3
  • CoD: Modern Warfare

My list is not limited to the following, it will all depend on how I am feeling at the time.  As we get closer, I will list some times.  I am toying with the idea of streaming this, I am still really undecided.

My goal this year is $500, which is almost twice as much as last year.  Please just donate one dollar per hour if you can.  If you cannot do that I will not turn down donations of any type.

My link to the donation page is Here.  Please donate what you can, you are helping kids.  Texas Children’s Hospital treats all kids regardless of their ability to pay.  This is a absolutely wonderful cause.



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Crusaders’ Coliseum: Trial of the Crusader

September 25th, 2009 Comments off

32-CotCI know I have been slow to post here lately, that is mainly due to the fact we have done nothing to post about.  We are hitting the end of the summer slump I think and starting to look back at the goal of finishing off current content.  Last night after a bit of guild drama, for another time and perhaps another place, we went back to the Coliseum.

First up, obviously, was the Northrend Beast collection.  These had been one shot.  These used to cause use fits in previous attempts, however last night seemed trivial.  Gormok the Impaler went down fast.  People were quick to move and handle the snobolds.  One thing we do slightly different that I have not seen written up is we have our melee take care of all snobolds.   This allows the ranged to focus squarely on DPSing the boss.  If a snobold lands on a tank for any reason, we clean those up while waiting for Acidmaw & Dreadscale.  We handle the implae by swapping on the third stack.  We also try to use out bubble early to clear the debuff, we also combine it with Divine Sacrifice.  The absorption of that damage is a nice way to help the healers out.  That is it, one of the few closest to a tank’n’spank in modern memory.

Acidmaw & Dreadscale use to be our major issue, however a few changes made them trivial.  We make sure we always focus them away from the center.  That is where all range group up.  I leave one DPS assigned to always being on the mobile worm.  All other DPS goes to Acidmaw, since his Paralytic Bite can be the most brutal if killed last.  We would have one tank be dedicated to being the mobile tank.  He is responsible for the mobile worm.  Does not matter which one it is.  This tank will get the debuff from the worm he is tanking.  So he is responsible for getting Burning Bile to those infected by Paralytic Poison.  He is also responsible to call out when tanking Acidmaw that he is infect by the poison.  Then the one person infected by the Bile in the raid can get to the tank so he can continue to tank.  We managed to get Acidmaw down after two burrows.  So that made the healers job a whole lot easier.  Then we just tanked swapped as we could using our Divine Protection.  Since he does have a damage increase since his buddy was killed.

Icehowl is last on the list and the easiest as long as people pay attention.  You tank him in the middle and the raid then spreads out around in a circle.  That way when he casts Arctic Breath, the number of people affected is to a minimum.  If you are a human, Every Man for Himself will get you out of the block, PvP trinkets work as well, however the DPS loss for the trinket change over is not worth it.  He will occasionally cast Massive Crash.  This is signified by him jumping to the center of the area and everyone being pinned to the wall.   This is also reason for spreading out at the beginning.  He will then focus on one person and charge them.  You will see “Icehowl glares at <name> and lets out a bellowing roar!” this person is the one being charged.  If you are looking at his butt or sides during this announcement, just start running towards him.  If you can see him head on, run away from his closet shoulder.  Example: <- O(  )O -> the O represent the shoulder, if you are the one being focused on, just pick a side and run.  The key is to avoid him from hitting anyone.  If he does hit someone, he will enrage, a hunter with Tranq Shot immediately, this will remove the enrage and greatly reduce the risk of him wiping the raid.  If he does not hit someone he is stuck on the wall for a few seconds, dazed, during which he takes extra damage.  That is it, just keep up the rotations and finish him off.

This is a fun fight with three phases, plus sub-phases.  Each has a different mechanic and does not allow much room to slack.  Everyone has a specific task to follow and are responsible for themselves at many moments.  It requires a team effort, coupled with individual effort to be successful.

Enjoy the loot and get ready for Lord Jaraxxus.   This update will be coming up shortly.

Blizzcon ’09 Quick Reflection

August 23rd, 2009 Comments off

As I sit here in the airport waiting for our flight to leave I thought I would give some initial thoughts on expansion 3.
*Goblins are op
*Worgans need some “cool” buffs.
*Every expansion feels like this was their original view for the game. This is a good thing.
*Many new guild options, including talent trees and guild patterns and heirlooms.

All in all I was pretty impressed with what I played and saw at the panels. When I get home and have some time, I will expand on all of these points.