3.3 is Here

December 8th, 2009 Comments off

3.3 is here.  Blizzard is currently working hard getting the servers all patched up and ready to go.  I am looking forward to this patch.  Not so much for the Paladin, but for the DK.  I feel this is the perfect opportunity to leg him catch up.  The 3 new 5 mans seem like they will be a wealth of gear for all classes of all levels.  This should make the gearing of alts even easier and better then it has ever been.   This might make just rejuvenate some of my feelings for the game as they have been very static as of late.

I do not like the gated content.  ToC was gated, that was to extend some relatively easy content.  I hope this is not the same in ICC.  Although I doubt it.  It seems to be a way to level the playing field for realm and world firsts.  Blizz knows the only answer – I think it is they dont have the encounters completely done and balanced, yet didn’t want to lose subscribers over the coming months as we wait.

I look forward to the runs tonight.

Thanks for the present Blizzard!

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Is Raiding like Football?

November 17th, 2009 Comments off

I have been thinking a lot about this the last few days, especially after working on TotGC.  Football is a very tactical sport.  Those not familiar with the sport do not understand the intricacies of the the game.  There is a chess match going on, not just big hits and guys in tight spandex.  Teams constantly sacrifice position or players to see what the other teams scheme maybe, then they use one of their checks to adjust based on the movements or tells that are made.  These systems have built-in redundancies to help compensate for on the fly adjustments.  Now this is in a  perfect world, with two good coaches.   Then it just comes down to execution and still.   I can draw a corollary to raiding in WoW.

We are the Offense, the encounter is the defense.   The RNG is the audible called by the encounter.  Think about it for a second – Take ToC for example – on Northrend Beasts – we know timing on the impales, timing on the stomp, we know snobolds will happen, we know there will be fire – we do not know who will get the snobold or where the fire will land.  Raiding teams have set plans to address these changes – for us – only remove the snobolds from healers, get out of the fire, etc.  We have back-ups on when to use a battle-rez, who handles what when a person goes down – for instance, when our rogue has to run out on Jaraxxus when he gets Legion Flame – I know I have to interrupt the Fel Fireball while he runs out.  These redundancies and understanding of them help improve success.

With all this being said, success then is dependant on execution and recognizing these changes and making the adjustments.  I notice this all the time, especially when we are bringing in people that are not part of our regular raid group.  We developed a synergy (yup mark that off your buzz-word-bingo) while working on Yogg.  People became very aware of everyone’s responsibility and eventually we figured it out and succeeded.  Another thing with this is practice, you have to try encounters to recognized what certain things mean, how spells work, posistioning, maps (Yoggs brain room) and how to adjust to them.

So lets look at it, to raid you need to practice, build redunancy, recognize tendancies, adjust to deficiancies, and execute.  Football carries the same things.   Football is the only real good comparison because of the setup.  It starts from a static start, most other sports are always moving and always flowing.  Football works a lot like the boss encounters.  When it is all said and done, it should boil down to skill and execution.  To me, this has been proven by a few guilds going into Ulduar and clearing it in just blues.  So stay out of the fire, hit the right buttons, and win!

Edit: Added link to the blue run for Cadowin.

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We still get a dress…T10 Preview

November 5th, 2009 Comments off

I like the look.  I really do.  I am happy to see the pink chin guard bug corrected.  I was really beginning to think Blizzard really did hate Paladins and wanted them to go play DK’s.  Anyway here is the full screen shot of it (click to engorge)


Tier 10 Preview

I do think the shoulders and helm are pretty badass.  I do not PVP however, the look of that set is flamboyent and awesome!  (I never thought I would say those two things together)

Season 8 Preview

Season 8 Preview

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We were’nt alone in the Dark, we had each other.

November 2nd, 2009 Comments off


We went in Friday night, wiped a few times, however we resolved and knocked him out.

Took a while, but our luck was better then Dec’s luck getting a squashling.  Since we have finished current regular content we are going to start on Heroic ToC and some Ulduar Hard modes.

Great Job Guys!  I am very proud of all of you.

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My Apology to GC

October 29th, 2009 Comments off

So Ghostcrawler updated the post.

My response was not about the topic. I was responding to the classy “DIAF” part of the post.

You’re welcome to whatever opinion you want to try and support in these forums. Telling the developers to die in a fire when you don’t agree with them isn’t something that is going to lend strength to your argument.

If you get amazingly upset because Blizzard nerfed your class or doesn’t agree with your point, feel free to stand on a mountaintop and scream, post epithets in your guild forum, or go butcher Pygmy Surf Crawlers in Durotar if it makes you feel better. Don’t bring it here.

Original – Response in page 3


With that said, we’re just not sure a Lay on Hands change really accomplishes much from a balance perspective, while it feels bad to lose such an iconic ability. We just don’t think the bang for the buck is there on this change, which is why we reverted it. But I’m not going to promise we won’t touch it.


To break it down – Lay on Hands is still in the game, it is in the current PTR as only on others, however it will return to it’s original glory.  GC’s comments were directed towards a flame poster telling him to die in a fire.  So this is why a lot of people could not find the notes anywhere.

My reaction was the typical reaction of any class with one of it’s iconic abilties on the verge of going away.  They saw the problems realted to this and have decided to reverse it.  Since that is fixed, get a new PTR build out with it corrected and fix the exit game crash on the PTR.  Thanks, Bye!

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Blizzard wants me to Quit

October 28th, 2009 Comments off

So the 3.3 patch notes popped out and Paladin’s got “nerf’d to the ground”, again.


The LoH nerf is pretty big.  It has been this way pretty much forever, but now they are changing it and I blame PvP.  I am tired of their e-sport watering down and changing the PvE landscape of this game.  It was built as a PvE game and evolved.  They need to make two games, PvE and PvP.  Then adjust abilities for those games.  These changes are big.  Some are massaging out changes from older patches, some are just down right nasty and out of the blue.  LoH is huge, so huge in fact that if it makes it to the live realms it might mean an auto quit and just wait till SWtOR.  I do not mean to sound like a QQ paladin, however when you make fundamental changes to a class ability they have had since the beginning, you are really starting to mess with play style.  As a Paladin Tank, I always know when to use my LoH.

If it is so bad for PvP, make it a talented point deep in Prot.  This will prevent it from being used in BG’s.  It will also allow tanks to keep that prevent raid wiping cool down.  Blizzard needs to decide what they want to do with this game and take in that direction.
In other news, I know I am against the majority when I say this, I like Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street.  I like his attitude, I like most of what he says.  He makes sense and understand the classes and direction they need.  He wants to make it balanced.  I see what they are trying to do and the need for the balance.  In relation to this he said the first thing I really took exception too.  With these changes, he said:

Dear OP, Bye. Hugs, GC.

This upset me for the reason of, here we are in 3.2 and they decide that that LoH is OP and decide to make the change.  Here we are approaching 3.3, a lot of retuning has been done since launch and now they look to re-tune it.  That is down right bad.  Well…

Dear GC, My money is yours no more. Adios, Judicar

Update:  And to those sites out there claiming this is not live on the PTR, check your facts download a client and see, that in fact, yes it is live on the PTR.

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Finally got on the PTR to try 3.3

October 5th, 2009 Comments off

So, there is a bug on logon for some people on the PTR client.  The second you log in with copied toon or a Pre-made, you are immediately disconnected upon the loading bar finishing up.  The work around for this, as discovered by others on the forums, is as soon as you are disconnected, log back in as quickly as you can and you will be able to log in.  I use an authenticator and would pre-load the 6 digit code into my mind to speed up the process.  I was disconnected when changing worlds (Kalimdor -> Eastern Kingdoms -> Northrend) so I did have to log in 3 times just to get to Dalaran.  I am now there and it is working.  The odd part is a newly made level 1 can log in with no issue.  Hopefully this is fixed in a coming update.

Once in the PTR the first thing I noticed was the new map.  This one seems to have space for Quests on the right side, quest notes on the bottom and mini-map.  Below is a screen shot of this.


Either there is a graphic missing, or I have a messed up install, the green box is a minimize button that goes to a map we are more used to.


You can see there are check boxes to track quests.  Note: there is a note in the notes that this feature is not working.  My plan is to get to the new 5 man sometime tonight and recruit a group out there to give my self a look at it.

I will keep more 3.3 updates as I see them.

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