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For The Alliance!

March 4th, 2009

In a quest to get my Black Amani War Bear I worked with a guild/pug of the For The Alliance! achievement.  We managed to get through everything except Thunder Bluff.  The biggest problem was we got to Thunder Bluff and there were skeletons all over Cairne Bloodhoof.  We missed him in just a little bit.

We averaged 30-35 people and walkin killed and moved on.  The Horde had no idea what hit them.  We were a force.  It was a nice piece of honor points, so when I get around to spending some of them, it makes it a little easy.  I tanked a few of the heavy hitters down in the UC, so that was lots of fun.  Reminded me of the old 40 man raids, running like an army across the plains, daring to be stopped.

So anyway, if you are bored, put together a group and get your bear!

Grab your sword and fight the horde!

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