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Well, at least it wasn’t all me

December 11th, 2009

3.3 has been out for a while now and I have been tanking them fairly regular.  I have been noticing one huge problem while tanking, mobs seem to be running around me.  I have been dancing with them.  They recenter on top of me, I adjust, they adjust.  It felt as if I forgot how to tank over the last week and a half.  This had really been bothering me.  Luckily…this…

Tanking bug in 3.3
There is a known bug that was introduced in 3.3 that can cause tanked mobs to move around in unpredictable and frustrating ways. A fix is incoming. (Source)

They will hotfix a friggin’ overpowered scourge strike, but a legitimate issue for tanks has to wait for an incoming fix.  Blizz needs to start getting priorities straight, this PvP burst damage is starting to ruin the regular PvE.

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