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3.3 is Here

December 8th, 2009

3.3 is here.  Blizzard is currently working hard getting the servers all patched up and ready to go.  I am looking forward to this patch.  Not so much for the Paladin, but for the DK.  I feel this is the perfect opportunity to leg him catch up.  The 3 new 5 mans seem like they will be a wealth of gear for all classes of all levels.  This should make the gearing of alts even easier and better then it has ever been.   This might make just rejuvenate some of my feelings for the game as they have been very static as of late.

I do not like the gated content.  ToC was gated, that was to extend some relatively easy content.  I hope this is not the same in ICC.  Although I doubt it.  It seems to be a way to level the playing field for realm and world firsts.  Blizz knows the only answer – I think it is they dont have the encounters completely done and balanced, yet didn’t want to lose subscribers over the coming months as we wait.

I look forward to the runs tonight.

Thanks for the present Blizzard!

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