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Orbital What? – 2 Tower Flame Leviathan

July 31st, 2009

So as anyone knows, we have been tackling Ulduar rather consistently (barring the last few weeks, damn you summer bbqs!) since we could get in there.  Last night we decided to try and tackle a hard mode on Flame Leviathan.  We knew 4 towers up would be terribly difficult, especially considering we were starting it out by 8 manning it.  So we went and killed Freya’s tower, finished off the gauntlet and tried it with tree towers up.  After a handful of wipes, we decided, since we were shorthanded, to go destroy Hodir’s tower and just tackle it with 2 up instead.  Shortly after destroying Hodir’s tower our 9th per raider logged on, we did two attempts with little success, 52% and 38%.  The nice part was our 10th had finally logged on.  With everyone in, we tried again, got him to 8%, when I noticed something I would like to address in another post about being a raid leader, someone drastically out of position all the time.  It amazed me at how many times we had been in there, how many people were still missing the strategy.  This may have been my fault, I asked if so and so had driven the vehicles before and I got a yes, I didn’t ask had you done it under our strategy yet?  Anyway, after a short break and a clearing up of the strategy, we went and tackled him again.  We lost the two cycles, but did manage to kill him.  We received the following achievements for doing so Orbital Devastation and Orbital Bombardment.  We also received a Runed Orb and the Pattern: Lightning Grounded Boots, all of which were nice surprises.

2 Tower Strategy –

We destroyed Freya’s tower(Tower of Nature) and Hodir’s tower (Tower of Frost).  This left Thorim’s tower (Tower of Storms) and Mimron’s tower (Tower of Flames up).  We used our similar strategy as here.  Now instead of just Flame Leviathan (FL), we have two varied color beams of light and come down,  one white and one red.

The red one, mimron’s,  leaves little flame cones in a diamond shamed pattern around the map, that then turn into a wall of flames.  These do SIGNIFICANT damage and should be avoided at all costs.  This does make for some adjustments needing to be made on those being perused.  We used vent for people to call out where the cones were and how to avoid them as best we could.  The tower also buffs FL’s flame damage by 50%, so make sure those flame vents are being interrupted.

The white one, thorim’s, does an AoE pulse of damage that will hit everyone, the closer you are to the beams, the more damage you take.  This only happens twice and it is at the very begining of the fight.  If you are not under the the beams you should take about 40% damage.  This is just designed to normalize health, making it even harder.  The tower also increases FL’s physical damage, so be sure to avoid those battering rams.

One caveat we do to the main strategy is we only launch one caster up there.  With another in reserve as needed.  The flame walls are very odd, you have to watch for what looks like a fog of flames.  That is what does the majority of damage, so avoid that.

That about does it, good luck and good hunting, next time we go for three, then for four!

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