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Ah Well, what’s done is done

May 1st, 2009

After the debacle the other night we went in and one shot Flame Leviathan last night.  The strategy worked almost flawlessly.  We did loss one person, in the demolisher.

We moved along to Razorscale.  The fury and rate in which the adds come made it difficult.  After 5 or so attempts we moved on.  We tried a few strats.  I think it was just some timing and trying new things.  Once we get it down, it will be much much better.

We then hit up XT-002.  This went really well. We wiped on the first try as the healers were learning damage.  We lost some DPS right away, however still came close to finishing him.  We used the strategy of moving him to  the right side of the room, between the two junk piles.  What this did was eliminated the spawns from those sides, making the managing of adds very easy.  We used 3 healers (priest, druid, paladin), 2 tanks, 2 rogues, 2 hunters, and a warlock.  We lost no one on the second attempt.

These two simple successes have completely brought the group back together.  All of the bad feelings from the other night were eliminated.  We moved on and poked around a little bit, had some fun.  We had one moment where almost everyone lost it in hysterical tears.  There is nothing funnier then hearing a few guys shriek like little girls over vent when a boss pops up and freaks them out.

We wiped on Kologarn 3 times.  A couple guildies had to go to bed.  So we called it for the night.  We are now looking forward to continuing on Sunday night.  We have a Naxx run to get others geared.  We have a 25 man Naxx on Saturday.  So this should be a busy weekend of raiding, many of which seem to be excited about and looking forward to.

Drops for those interested

Flame Leviathan: Kinetic Ripper and Firestrider Chestguard

XT-002: Treacherous Shoulderpads (awesome animation) and Helm of Veiled Energies

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