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What to do when WoW goes bad.

April 29th, 2009

I had a very upsetting experience in Ulduar last night.  We went in last week, beat on Flame Leviathan and took his loot.  Second try none the less…got him to 3% right out of the gates.  On Ulduar’s reset yesterday, I figured start the week off good and buy us an extra hour of new bosses later in the week.  Well…that plan went horribly wrong.  We had 7 veterans of last week’s victory, 1 noob, and 2 people not around for the initial victory but knew the mechanics.  The best we did was 30%.I am not sure if it was sabotage or bad luck, however I began to get extremely frustrated, so much so that in Vent, I just said “I’m calling it”, left the raid, logged out of vent and said the end with it.  The strategy is solid; it is proven and should have little or no issue.  Last night though, people were in a daze as to what to do.  I did have to reassign a few people to new vehicles, which was not that bad.  The key to this fight is two things….situational awareness and connection luck (we had a chopper DC in the middle of the overload, thus one of our Demo passengers died.)  At this point in the game everyone should have some sense of situational awareness.  Knowing where the boss is, what point everyone should be going to and these two big things….NEVER cross the front of him and if you are in the siege engine, save the shield for when he is close.  I should not have to call out for the shield, it should be instinctual.  I am not bragging on this topic, I am always the last to die.  I get chased plenty and make mistakes.  I believe it is my awareness and understanding of the fight that keeps me alive.  People do not seem to grasp that if FL is not chasing you, you can peel off about 5 seconds before he changes targets and you will be safe the entire duration of the diagonal.  Siege Engine passengers should know….ALL tar should be on fire…ALWAYS!  Demo drivers should be keeping a stack of burning pyrite on him the entire time.  Once they get their passengers back, it should be priority, if they are not being chased, to getting more pyrite and starting that all over again.

I guess my ego was bruised last night.  I wanted to show that this could be done…at least this fight without the A-team.  I also realized I guess I am a hardcore raider stuck in a casual guild.  Trust me, I like the guild.  I get along with everyone really well. It is just I have farmed Naxx to death.  I am bored and want new challenges.  I think this made me realize that another month of Naxx farming is in my future until we get the gear on these folks to compensate for their lack of Situational awareness.  It seems, please correct me if I am wrong, there is no room to carry people in Ulduar.  Everyone seems to have a key role in almost every fight.  With this being said, everyone needs to have a good understanding of their class.  There is no more rollfaceonkeyboardandwin mentality.  Tank and spanks are a thing of the past.  Everyone needs to be on their toes and know what they are doing.

Anyway, I am looking for ways to motivate folks to read the things I have posted and get them to ask questions or put forth the input needed to get over these hurdles.  The group I went in with last night was geared relatively close to the other one.  I think it mght have been a case of ohhh….shinies! that did us in.  My passenger out damaged all other vehicles by 200%.  How can I keep people focused and having fun while keeping my sanity?

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