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Well, the breach was broken.

April 16th, 2009

We made several attempts to start Ulduar this week.  We finally got in last night and was really able to fire off a hearty try.  There were only 7 of us on, which was more then enough to try out the vehicle section.  I must say, these vehicles are significantly more fun then Occulos or Malygos.  It might be the explosions, the diversity, or the over whelming feel of power as you topple the towers.

Either way, we worked our way torwards the first set of building and the instance server crashed.  So we ran around a stalled enviroment exploring and having fun.  I do not have much else to report.  We will be attempting a real raid attempt on Friday evening.  Hopefully the servers will have their stability increased by then and a real attempt can be made.

This has also brought me to my comments on Realm/World firsts.  These should not award anything in the game.  Due to the instability of the realms and the frequency in which things crash not everyone is on the same footing.  Some servers have a lighter load which accomodate the raiders others are packed and crash every other step.  With this being said, I think Blizz should yet the feats of strength for the realm firsts.  I have no shot at these nor have any interest in them.  However when something is based solely on luck, it can be frustrating.

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