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Once again….Into the Breach!

April 14th, 2009

A nice surprise this morning, although I had predicted it a while ago, Patch 3.1 dropped today.  This offers many new options for players, from Dual Spec, Argent Tournement, and the Ulduar Raid.

This evening I will be taking a rag tag group of explorers up to Ulduar and poke our nose in and around.  We are looking to see what the vehicle mechanic fight feels like and what we can do.  This should prove to be interesting.  Many people have been looking into this.  We have tried to keep the knowledge of the boss fights in Ulduar to a minimum to minimize knowledge and increase surprises.  We do know abilities of many of the bosses, however we are keeping strats down to a minimum.  This will make many encouters more engauging and fun, rather then trying to push buttons in the right order at the right time according to someone elses method.

I have a problem with guides, it takes away from it being a game.  I do however agree that most if not all raiders need to have the similar mind set.  Otherwise those looking for loot piñata and those looking for an adventure are on different wave lengths.  This can cause many fights and even guild breakup.  We hit up strategies if we hit a wall, where we just cannot seem to get past.

What to many of you like to do?  Learn and explore or try out known strategies?

In to the breach once again, a new adventure awaits!

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