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April 10th, 2009

We have been running with another guild for the last few weeks knocking out some 25-man content.  We have cleared Heroic: The Arachnid Quarter and Heroic: The Plague Quarter together and almost finished Heroic: The Construct Quarter.   However we had some issues with the polarity and lost many people.  We seemed to loose a majority of the other guilds raiders at polarity shifts.  Which all in all was not too horrible, until.

Healer from another guild: I think only stoning your people is childish and is prohibitive to progression.  IMO.*

*I paraphrase here, I have the specific phrasing written on my gaming computer and will update to the exact quote when I get to it later today.

So with this said, I was taken aback and was unsure as to how to react.  I passed this information along to the Guild Leader, the one who organizes these runs with the other guild(s).  We always, stone our Druid’s.  Doesn’t matter if it is a bookin, feral, or resto.  We do this for the sole reason, see what I did there ;-), of raid recovery and wipe prevention.  The druid is the only class that can actively battle rez other people.  This helps if we wipe or if someone drops during the fight, including the boomkin and we can get mulitple people up.  This has saved our butts numerous times, or has provided that last push to finish a boss.  How many people have had the dreaded 1% or 0% wipe and thought, gee, if we had 2 people up that last 9000 health would have been easy to plow through, even accidentally?  Our boomkin even managed to battle rez one of the hateful strike tanks in order to down Patchwerk.  To me this type of success demonstrates the need for him to be stoned.  I know this is a weak example because of the tank and spank nature of the boss.  So lets move on to the next boss.

Grobbulus is a prime example as to the success of this, one missed injection not gotten to the edge can wipe a druid on accident.  Thus needing some form of wipe recover, imagine the bomb chaining?  Two people die, one healer, one druid, both can be rez’d in one pop, rather then only one.  This example can go on and on in this wing.  A zombie chow getting away against Gluth hits a few folks for death or someone not moving properly in the fight against Thaddius.  Thaddius’ Polarity Shift can cause a major chain kill.  I believe wipe protection is more important then wipe recovery.  I would rather down a boss in a one shot, then shorten a walk back from a graveyard.
I believe the priest was upset because he was a squishy and was not stoned, and had issues in the the Thaddius fight.  I think he feels he could have prevented that from happening.  Either way the closest we got was 4% when he enraged due to the drop of DPS.  In my eyes, if the priest would have gotten back up, we had heals, not DPS, which was needed.

How do other people use their stones, what are the ideas behind using the stone?  How do you handle this issue?  How do you support multi-guild runs with differentiating opinions?

I am curious to see what others feel on this type of subject.

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