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Group Calendar and Outfitter Author upset with new AddOn Policy

March 23rd, 2009

Outfitter and  Group Calendar Author no longer has mod’s publicly available

This is a sad day.  One of my favorite mods ever in the the game and almost an essential guild tool, Group Calendar, will no longer be publicly available.  Blizzard saw the need for an in game calendar, however theirs was so poorly done that we still need this addon.

Please support this author and his choices.  He is providing us a service that Blizzard is currently not offering in an effective manner.

I personally believe a donation request in game on their addons is perfectly acceptable, charging for an addon to use, I believe is not.  This seems to me very similar to the mod community for Half-Life.  This is a poor option of Blizzard to eliminate or frustrate a big portion of their community.  Many of these mods make a guild master and raid leaders life easier.

One big problem with this new model is WoWMatrix, with this application, users no longer have to go to the mods hosted location or the authors site to get updates.  This in turn eliminates and banner traffic or donation buttons that may pop up.  Which as you can tell directly effects the number of donations and visits to their sites.  WoWMatrix developers should work with all places they host their sites and add the ability to donate directly to the authors in the description field on the bottom of the app.

Anyway, it is a sad sad day in the WoW addon community.  If you are upset with this policy, please let Blizzard  know.  They have used other users mods, I am looking at you Fizzwidget, and incorperated them into the game in almost an exact same manner as the mod was written.  These are essential to make our life easier and those who do the work deserve the right to soliciate donations for their hard work.  Also, write to wowmatrix and use my suggestion, this will help out the community we need to help make our WoW expieriance a lot more enjoyable.

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