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Guild experimentation

March 19th, 2009

This coming Saturday night, at 5 PM CDT, we have out first joint guild run of NAXX-25.  I am unsure of how this will go or what we will be able to accomplish.  Our guild leader worked the deal out with this other guild.  I have a feeling things will go fine, however I am unsure as to the methods we will use and which guild will be the lead.  I am not really concerned.  I have the hope of the Arachnid quarter and the Plague quarter done.  It will mainly depend on how well we do on Safety Dance.

We tried this experiment once, it resulted in a guild merge that exploded weeks later when we had found success on a boss and our methods were disregaurded for the others.  Simple disagreement, but it lead to a big guild drama that resulted in a break up.

We are a guild are small, the same 7-8 raid every week for the 10 mans.  We hope to down Malygos on Friday night, we have had bad luck with disconnects and strategy in the past.  So this combination for the 25 man will be interesting.   I generally prefer to run larger raids like a democracy as long as people are pretty happy with the way the run is going.  Anyway, keep an eye out and I keep you up to date as how it went.

I am also working on a post about the effects of an e-sport client has on a game.  I have a great problem with the lengths Blizzard has been going to create this play balance in many classes and the route these PvP effects of these nerfs or buffs and the effect they have on raiding builds and their builds.  So keep an eye out for it.

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