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Quick Run down 3.2 PTR Experience

June 25th, 2009 Comments off

So I have been on the PTR for 2 days now, well I should say, trying to play on the PTR.  The lag has been so horrible it is unplayable.  So I login, check the new gear and log out.  Even checking out the gear seems to take forever.  The server is so bogged down with mindless drones right now and few people actually willing to test anything, that those who want to play and try out these to talents and ACTUALLY test things cannot.  I guess this is the price of the new shiney.  These people will signon, get bored and leave.  Or so it the hope.  Keep an eye out, I hope to offer some real PTR expierance here shortly.

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World of Warcraft PTR Patch 3.2.0 Notes

June 18th, 2009 Comments off

3.2.0 PTR Patch Notes Released and can be found here World of Warcraft PTR Patch 3.2.0

Being a Pally, I can be biased and say, some nice changes a coming.  Having a DK, I have to say whats the point of a hero class if it is brought inline with all other classes.  I can start at 55?  PvP is ruining the game to enforce the rock/paper/scissors aspect.


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The power of the WoW Credit Card

June 17th, 2009 Comments off

Not only have I not paid for WoW in over a year and have a year of potential time banked, the credit card has bridged the social gap, breaking the ice at the local Gamestop.  I was paying for my copy of Ghostbusters with the WoW CC when they started asking about it.  I told the the story of how long I have had it, how I got it, how I keep the time balance so high.  Tip: Use the checks the CC company sends you to pay a big bill you would normally pay off, then just send the CC company the check destined for that service, e.g. Rent, Car Payment, Cable, etc.  We eventually got to classes played and progress in Ulduar.  They are 9.  The two clerks play rogues, so we got to talking on the rolls of the rogue in two fights, Assembly of Iron and Thorim.  I told them about the importance of the Throwing Specialization and Feint in those fights.  They were unaware of the interrupt for 3 secs on Fan of Knives.  This allows the movement of Stormcaller in Assembly easier and gives you a better chance to interrupt the heal in the arena on Thorim.  The big thing they learned was about Feint level 8.  They were unaware of the bonus that reduces 50% AoE damage.   They thought it was just a threat reduction tool.  This got me thinking, how many other people played through Wrath unaware of talent and ability changes in 3.X.  I for one, I am an example of this.  If you look at my statistics, you will see that the deadliest boss in Wrath is Keristrasza.  This is because on heroic, I did not know that the paladin ability Divine Protection was changed in Wrath.  In old WoW, it made the paladin invincible, however they could not attack.  In Wrath, it became a survivability cool down, reducing our incoming damage by 50%.  I was getting demolished at the start of her Enrage, I had no way to mitigate the increased incoming damge.  We finally got her down by timing a few heals.  Shortly after this I was doing some reading and saw that Divine Protection was changed.  My healer was grateful of this, he thought it was punishment up until then.   Before this Divine Protection had not been on my bar since I trained Divine Shield.  With all of this being said, you should go back and review your spells  and abilities.  You might find that one gem that increases your DPS/HPS or helps out your healers.  I know the game has been out in this new state for 6 months, however my conversation today proves that some people are still unaware of the changes that were made to some abilities and talents in Wrath.  All of this because I paid with my WoW Credit Card…go figure.

Mountain Dew Battle-Bot Pet Details

June 12th, 2009 Comments off

Sorry I have been lagging behind lately.  We have down Hodir, as you can tell from my recent achievement.  This fight took us 11 tries over 2 nights.   It involves a little luck and some good movement.  Which, I guess is the theme of Ulduar.

Now on to the real reason you stopped by, the Mountain Dew Battle-Bot

Having just done this myself I can give you all the details concerning the Mountain Dew Battle-Bot. This is a free pet from the Mountain Dew promotion for their Game Fuel line of drinks.
First, click here.  This is the direct link to claim page.  It eliminates the need to load the cumbersome flash page.  If you are do not trust links to odd pages, go to, wait for the flash to load then click on the bot logo in the bottom right hand corner.  Either one of these will lead to step 2.

Second, sign in with you account.  If you do not have one, register using the link below the sign in.  This is where it gets a little tricky, if you have your WoW account linked with your account, you are done.  You have the bot, it will be waiting in your mail the next time you log out completely and back in.  If you do not have your account linked,  go to the home page of your account.  From there you might have two options or just one.  When I did it the other day I have to click “Add a Game”, then that gave me the option to merge my WoW account with my account.  However, I go there today to confirm for this writeup, and there is a “World of Warcraft Account” link at the top.   Just click on that link and follow the directions.

Things to note:

  • Your account is your new sign in to wow. (
  • Your password is your WoW password.
  • You cannot undo this process.  Once it is done, it is final.
  • This appears to be a way to get more people migrated to the authentication system.
  • And once you have your Battle-Bot, you can do this daily in-order to claim fuel for him.  Red or Blue.
  • You have to get your fuel out of the your mailbox the day you claim it or it will go away.
  • Blue fueled bots fight Red fueled bots, and likewise.
  • You receive this perk on every toon created at the time of claim. (You might get it on more, I have not created a new toon since starting this.)

Have fun, and remember, you can gang up on bots.  Same colors bots do not fight each other, only opposites.

Halfway through!

June 3rd, 2009 Comments off

This week we did a great job, added two more bodies to the  pile.  We tried a few times on the Assembly, then figure out a trick, of which I will share with you in a bit.  After smacking around their 3 mugs, we moved on to the crazy cat lady, Auriaya.  With these kills we finished The Antechamber of Ulduar achievement.


Assembly of Iron: Lady Maye’s Sapphire Ring and Greaves of Iron Intensity

Auriaya: Nimble Climber’s Belt and Elemental Focus Stone

Group makeup: 2 x Paladin Tanks, 1 x Paladin Healer, 1 x Resto Druid, 1 x Holy Priest, 1 x MM Hunter, 1 x Survival Hunter, 1 x Boomkin, 1 x Combat Rogue, 1 x Ret Paladin


Assembly of Iron:

The main tank would go in and grab Steelbreaker and bring him back to the entrance of the room.  The OT would pick up Runemaster Molgeim and bring him to the left side of the room from the entrance.  We have a rogue tank Stormcaller Brundir and bring him to as far back of the room as he can.  The rogue would use interupts to make Brundir mobile.  All DPS would focus on Steelbreaker.  The tanks would move their respective bosses off of the Rune of Power if one spawned below their boss.  If DPS could take advantage of the run, they would move to it and continue to DPS Steelbreaker.  We had a Holy Paladin heal the MT and he would Cleanse the Fusion Punch debuff whenever it was applied.  The resto druid took care of the OT on Runemaster and raid healing.  The Priest took care of the Rogue and raid healing.  The priest also dispelled Runic Barrier from Runemaster.  Once Steelbreaker was down, all DPS focused on Runemaster, the Tank on Steelbreaker went to help the rogue with interupts on Stormcaller.  Each of the left over bosses now gain a new ability.  All people need to be aware of Rune of Death that Runemaster lays down.  This is a big green rune that causes lots of damage, so as we all have learned, get out of the stuff on the ground.  Stormcaller gains Lightning Whirl, which is why we added the second person to help with the interupts.  This will hopefully keep all interuptable spells interupted.  Once Runemaster is down, everyone moved onto Stormcaller.  All spells were interupted on a set rotation.  This always allowed them to be interupted.  One thing not mentioned was Stormcaller’s Overload, he will continue to cast this the entire fight.  You have to make sure you are running out of it once he starts casting it.  With two members down, Stormcaller gains a new ability called Lightning Tendrils.  When he casts this everyone needs to spread out.  He will target and chase one person.  Target of Target windows help here.  He may change targets through out the tendril phase, everyone has to be aware of who is targeted and the direction he is being kited.  This will help reduce the raid damage.  Once he lands from the tendrils, it is just lather, rinse, repeat.  Hard mode is saving Steelbreaker for last and medium is savinf Runemaster for last.


This fight is dependant upon the pull.  If you can get the pull down, the fight is very straight forward.  We had the OT use his Divine Protection then use his Avenger’s Shield and hand-rockets when he pulled the Sanctum Sentries.  This helped survivability from the Savage Pounce.  He would posistion himself around the corner with the rest of the raid.  We would single target take down the Sanctum Sentry with a priority system.  The MT would single target taunt Auriaya and then turn her so she is facing the raid.  This is due to the Sonic Screech.  This damage needs to be split amoungst the raid.  Once the the  sentries are down, it is just focus DPS on the Auriaya.  About 40 seconds into the fight, the boss brings an add named a Feral Defender.  We just ignored it, we raid healed through it.  She would occastionally summon Swarming Guardians.  We handled these with AoE damage.  They have a small health pool and do little damage.  We did have the priest Fear Ward himself, this is because Auriaya would cast Terrifying Screech.  The priest would then Mass Dispel, hopefully getting most of the raid out of the fear.  We would save racial abilities and trinkets for the next fear.  This is basically the fight, she can cast Sentinel Blast, which should try to be interupted as often as possible.  Shadow Prtection does help, either via a aura or the priest spell.  The one last note is on the Feral Defender.  It will  more then likely die from the AoE used to take down the swarms.  So keep an eye on its percentage, at about 10% the raid should start moving.  When it dies it drops Seeping Feral Essence, which did kill the OT.  We used a druid battle res to get him back up.  This dead defender will res again after 10-15 seconds so it is advised that you move to another platform, breaking line of sight with the void zone to avoid the Feral Pounce.  We only saw the defender die once in our try.  We did have two shots at this boss.  The OT had to get the timing down on the pull.  Once we had the timing down, it went rather easily.

Also a not on the trash before her.  We only had to do one pull to open the raid up to her.  We did this by having a dedicated healer to each tank.  We then tanked our respective targets on each of the platforms where the stairs from Kologarn  is.  This gave the static buff ball enough travel time to down it.  We swtiched targets with ~16% health left.  The damge the tank did brough it down to ~5%.  Once both bosses with close to the same health pool, we borugh them together and AoE’d them down.  This help eliminate the damage/speed buff they get when one of them dies before the other.