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What to do when WoW goes bad.

April 29th, 2009 Comments off

I had a very upsetting experience in Ulduar last night.  We went in last week, beat on Flame Leviathan and took his loot.  Second try none the less…got him to 3% right out of the gates.  On Ulduar’s reset yesterday, I figured start the week off good and buy us an extra hour of new bosses later in the week.  Well…that plan went horribly wrong.  We had 7 veterans of last week’s victory, 1 noob, and 2 people not around for the initial victory but knew the mechanics.  The best we did was 30%.I am not sure if it was sabotage or bad luck, however I began to get extremely frustrated, so much so that in Vent, I just said “I’m calling it”, left the raid, logged out of vent and said the end with it.  The strategy is solid; it is proven and should have little or no issue.  Last night though, people were in a daze as to what to do.  I did have to reassign a few people to new vehicles, which was not that bad.  The key to this fight is two things….situational awareness and connection luck (we had a chopper DC in the middle of the overload, thus one of our Demo passengers died.)  At this point in the game everyone should have some sense of situational awareness.  Knowing where the boss is, what point everyone should be going to and these two big things….NEVER cross the front of him and if you are in the siege engine, save the shield for when he is close.  I should not have to call out for the shield, it should be instinctual.  I am not bragging on this topic, I am always the last to die.  I get chased plenty and make mistakes.  I believe it is my awareness and understanding of the fight that keeps me alive.  People do not seem to grasp that if FL is not chasing you, you can peel off about 5 seconds before he changes targets and you will be safe the entire duration of the diagonal.  Siege Engine passengers should know….ALL tar should be on fire…ALWAYS!  Demo drivers should be keeping a stack of burning pyrite on him the entire time.  Once they get their passengers back, it should be priority, if they are not being chased, to getting more pyrite and starting that all over again.

I guess my ego was bruised last night.  I wanted to show that this could be done…at least this fight without the A-team.  I also realized I guess I am a hardcore raider stuck in a casual guild.  Trust me, I like the guild.  I get along with everyone really well. It is just I have farmed Naxx to death.  I am bored and want new challenges.  I think this made me realize that another month of Naxx farming is in my future until we get the gear on these folks to compensate for their lack of Situational awareness.  It seems, please correct me if I am wrong, there is no room to carry people in Ulduar.  Everyone seems to have a key role in almost every fight.  With this being said, everyone needs to have a good understanding of their class.  There is no more rollfaceonkeyboardandwin mentality.  Tank and spanks are a thing of the past.  Everyone needs to be on their toes and know what they are doing.

Anyway, I am looking for ways to motivate folks to read the things I have posted and get them to ask questions or put forth the input needed to get over these hurdles.  The group I went in with last night was geared relatively close to the other one.  I think it mght have been a case of ohhh….shinies! that did us in.  My passenger out damaged all other vehicles by 200%.  How can I keep people focused and having fun while keeping my sanity?

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Flame Leviathan down!

April 24th, 2009 Comments off

Finally, after 25 wipes and inconsistant groups we got together with a solid strategy and downed him.  We almost killed him on the first attempt last night, however a poor use of shield on a seige engine and the loss of a both cycles forced us to a 3% wipe.  We recovered and went back to to it and got him down.

The drops were:


Energy Siphon

The strategy we used was posted on our forums by myself after the attempts and some studying.  It is posted here:

So now the basic start:
1 and 2 are in pictures.

Start in the south east corner (1). All vehicles bunched up. The bikes go out and lay two tars in the diagonal between FL and the siege vehicles and then start the fight. FL will target one of the siege vehicles, that vehicle stays as deep in the corner it can. Trying to do as much damage as they can. Mean while the other vehicles start working towards the North West (2) corner at range doing as much damage as they can. The second he targets one person, that vehicle continues to the north west corner. They should have so much ground between them FL, that he will never reach them. The bikes will get two tars down on the diagonal. Mean while the rest of the vehicles will work there way back to south east corner. FL should not reach the vehicle. FL will then swap again. Now traveling on the diagonal. We just repeat this over and over. Only one vehicle should take a burst damage, that is the initial target. Now onto the overload.

The overload should occur sometime near the end of the pass to point 2. It should be delayed as close to the corner as possible. Putting it at max range from position 2. When the overload starts, it is imperative the bikes get some tar down on the FL. Then get the turret folks picked up and back on their demolisher. All vehicles should be at the max range doing as much damage as they can while in overload. That means spam the pyrite bombs from the demolishers. The siege engines should stop about 3 seconds left before overload and turn around getting ready to kite FL back to position 1 (if they are the target). Once the turret people are back in their demolisher, they should work on trying to get pyrite reloaded as best they can. If they are not the target of the FL on his way back to position 1. They are free to travel back to spot 2 getting as much pyrite as they can. Once in their corner, they should start DPS on FL again at range so they can kite him back to the corner if targeted. Once reestablished and in position, they can launch their people and the turret portion can start all over.

The Siege engines should be air ramming behind the FL, reserving power for electro-shock to interrupt flame vents. About 3 seconds before FL swaps targets, they should stop turn around and prepare to be chased. If they are target. They should boost and work their way to the opposite corner. The other vehicle should lag behind air ramming and interrupting Flame Vents, then lagging behind about 3 seconds before target swap. (Lather rinse repeat)

This fight is all about rhythm. Once we get it down this should be fairly easy to duplicate. This fight is gear dependent so everyone should have 187 purples or 200 blues or purples in ever slot. Shirts, Tabards, off-hand, and ranged, libram, totem, or idol slots are exempt. This helps vehicle health and damage. The turret fighters should be in their personal class DPS.

(The dots are not only the tars, but the kite path.)

Some last notes on the fight.

By no means should anyone in a vehicle ever get out and run around. There is a 3K AOE DPS going on constantly, which means like it is walking on the moon without a space suit. The only exception is the turret destroyers, if the bikes are there and on time, no damage should be taken.

Turret destroyers (Siege demolisher passengers) should have raid icons to help them be found easier by the bikes. They can ping the mini map to help bikes find them. The players should also be launched one at a time or they may miss FL and just die. So once a player is confirmed and on, then the other should be launched.

Demolisher Pyrite bombs should be reserved for the overload phase. This is where the major damage is done. Although they can start getting the stacking Debuff on FL about 10 seconds before the overload, and continue to stack it until the overload is completed. Each pyrite bomb has a 10 second debuff that does ~12,000 Damage per second. So a few of these before the overload helps pre-load a lot of damage.  This debuff should be kept on FL as much as possible.

If a siege engine is the one targeted on the first one. The passenger should use the shield right as FL gets close. This should eliminate all of the potential damage on the first pass. Try to save this for the last second.

Bike riders should try to get some tar below FL right before the overload. And the siege engine passengers should light this. This will give the bikers a chance to do extra damage and be ready to pick up the turret destroyers

While Tar is on cool down, bikes should be weaving with FL hitting him with the horn when they can.

Please let me know what you think…I believe this is a pretty good start. Thanks to wowwiki, Wowhead, and tankspot for the help.

We moved on and poked our head in on XT-002 and did okay.  Did 5 attempts and got him down to roughly 50%.  I am typing up our strategies for XT, Razorscale, and Ignis right now, so if anyone has some advice, let me know.

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Well, the breach was broken.

April 16th, 2009 Comments off

We made several attempts to start Ulduar this week.  We finally got in last night and was really able to fire off a hearty try.  There were only 7 of us on, which was more then enough to try out the vehicle section.  I must say, these vehicles are significantly more fun then Occulos or Malygos.  It might be the explosions, the diversity, or the over whelming feel of power as you topple the towers.

Either way, we worked our way torwards the first set of building and the instance server crashed.  So we ran around a stalled enviroment exploring and having fun.  I do not have much else to report.  We will be attempting a real raid attempt on Friday evening.  Hopefully the servers will have their stability increased by then and a real attempt can be made.

This has also brought me to my comments on Realm/World firsts.  These should not award anything in the game.  Due to the instability of the realms and the frequency in which things crash not everyone is on the same footing.  Some servers have a lighter load which accomodate the raiders others are packed and crash every other step.  With this being said, I think Blizz should yet the feats of strength for the realm firsts.  I have no shot at these nor have any interest in them.  However when something is based solely on luck, it can be frustrating.

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Once again….Into the Breach!

April 14th, 2009 Comments off

A nice surprise this morning, although I had predicted it a while ago, Patch 3.1 dropped today.  This offers many new options for players, from Dual Spec, Argent Tournement, and the Ulduar Raid.

This evening I will be taking a rag tag group of explorers up to Ulduar and poke our nose in and around.  We are looking to see what the vehicle mechanic fight feels like and what we can do.  This should prove to be interesting.  Many people have been looking into this.  We have tried to keep the knowledge of the boss fights in Ulduar to a minimum to minimize knowledge and increase surprises.  We do know abilities of many of the bosses, however we are keeping strats down to a minimum.  This will make many encouters more engauging and fun, rather then trying to push buttons in the right order at the right time according to someone elses method.

I have a problem with guides, it takes away from it being a game.  I do however agree that most if not all raiders need to have the similar mind set.  Otherwise those looking for loot piñata and those looking for an adventure are on different wave lengths.  This can cause many fights and even guild breakup.  We hit up strategies if we hit a wall, where we just cannot seem to get past.

What to many of you like to do?  Learn and explore or try out known strategies?

In to the breach once again, a new adventure awaits!

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April 10th, 2009 Comments off

We have been running with another guild for the last few weeks knocking out some 25-man content.  We have cleared Heroic: The Arachnid Quarter and Heroic: The Plague Quarter together and almost finished Heroic: The Construct Quarter.   However we had some issues with the polarity and lost many people.  We seemed to loose a majority of the other guilds raiders at polarity shifts.  Which all in all was not too horrible, until.

Healer from another guild: I think only stoning your people is childish and is prohibitive to progression.  IMO.*

*I paraphrase here, I have the specific phrasing written on my gaming computer and will update to the exact quote when I get to it later today.

So with this said, I was taken aback and was unsure as to how to react.  I passed this information along to the Guild Leader, the one who organizes these runs with the other guild(s).  We always, stone our Druid’s.  Doesn’t matter if it is a bookin, feral, or resto.  We do this for the sole reason, see what I did there ;-), of raid recovery and wipe prevention.  The druid is the only class that can actively battle rez other people.  This helps if we wipe or if someone drops during the fight, including the boomkin and we can get mulitple people up.  This has saved our butts numerous times, or has provided that last push to finish a boss.  How many people have had the dreaded 1% or 0% wipe and thought, gee, if we had 2 people up that last 9000 health would have been easy to plow through, even accidentally?  Our boomkin even managed to battle rez one of the hateful strike tanks in order to down Patchwerk.  To me this type of success demonstrates the need for him to be stoned.  I know this is a weak example because of the tank and spank nature of the boss.  So lets move on to the next boss.

Grobbulus is a prime example as to the success of this, one missed injection not gotten to the edge can wipe a druid on accident.  Thus needing some form of wipe recover, imagine the bomb chaining?  Two people die, one healer, one druid, both can be rez’d in one pop, rather then only one.  This example can go on and on in this wing.  A zombie chow getting away against Gluth hits a few folks for death or someone not moving properly in the fight against Thaddius.  Thaddius’ Polarity Shift can cause a major chain kill.  I believe wipe protection is more important then wipe recovery.  I would rather down a boss in a one shot, then shorten a walk back from a graveyard.
I believe the priest was upset because he was a squishy and was not stoned, and had issues in the the Thaddius fight.  I think he feels he could have prevented that from happening.  Either way the closest we got was 4% when he enraged due to the drop of DPS.  In my eyes, if the priest would have gotten back up, we had heals, not DPS, which was needed.

How do other people use their stones, what are the ideas behind using the stone?  How do you handle this issue?  How do you support multi-guild runs with differentiating opinions?

I am curious to see what others feel on this type of subject.

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