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Finally got on the PTR to try 3.3

October 5th, 2009 Comments off

So, there is a bug on logon for some people on the PTR client.  The second you log in with copied toon or a Pre-made, you are immediately disconnected upon the loading bar finishing up.  The work around for this, as discovered by others on the forums, is as soon as you are disconnected, log back in as quickly as you can and you will be able to log in.  I use an authenticator and would pre-load the 6 digit code into my mind to speed up the process.  I was disconnected when changing worlds (Kalimdor -> Eastern Kingdoms -> Northrend) so I did have to log in 3 times just to get to Dalaran.  I am now there and it is working.  The odd part is a newly made level 1 can log in with no issue.  Hopefully this is fixed in a coming update.

Once in the PTR the first thing I noticed was the new map.  This one seems to have space for Quests on the right side, quest notes on the bottom and mini-map.  Below is a screen shot of this.


Either there is a graphic missing, or I have a messed up install, the green box is a minimize button that goes to a map we are more used to.


You can see there are check boxes to track quests.  Note: there is a note in the notes that this feature is not working.  My plan is to get to the new 5 man sometime tonight and recruit a group out there to give my self a look at it.

I will keep more 3.3 updates as I see them.

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